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No matter your current battle, situation or life’s  experience, the time Changer is on duty this year! He will change  that EVIL CLOCK and timing, He will reverse the irreversible and  usher you into a new season in Jesus name! Ecclesiastes 3:11 says:  “He hath made everything beautiful in His time…” God has time  and God has seasons; He wants to make everything beautiful  concerning your health, finances, marriage, career etc. AND THAT  SEASON/TIME IS 2023! Declare 7 halleluiahs now! Yes! 2023 is  God’s time and moment to beautify your life with RESULTS out of  every INSULT of the past. Your clock cannot be manipulated and  season robbers must die this year! Aha! Aha! EVIL CLOCK MUST  BURN TODAY AND THIS YEAR! Sow a, “MY CLOCK CANNOT BE  REVERSED SEED” today that will secure your divine clock, stop every  EVIL CLOCK and terminate the activities of season robbers!

  1. Psalm 63:1; God of the universe, I bless Your name for another moment of encounter in Your presence.
  2. Vs 1; God of seasons and times, I bless Your name for my result season this year.
  3. Hebrews 4:16; Lord, show me mercy as I come to You today; I shall not pray in vain in Jesus name.
  4. Vs 16; Satan, your accusation is null and void by the Blood of Jesus. I receive boldness to approach heaven concerning my case today in Jesus name.
  6. O Lord, I dedicate my times and seasons in 2023 to You; Father, order it according to Your will in Jesus name.
  7. This 2023, I will not be a victim of manipulated seasons; Lord, secure and safeguard my seasons in Jesus name.
  8. Psalm 68:1; O God, arise; no power can manipulate my times and my season. Season robbers, run mad now in Jesus name.
  9. Vs 1; O God, arise; and let the powers that have vowed that my season shall not come scatter, scatter, and scatter in Jesus name.

10.Vs 1; You enemies of my divine hour, enough is enough; you  cannot stop me this year, run mad in Jesus name.

  1. John 2:4; Whether the devil likes it or not, MY HOUR must come this year; I must produce results that eyes can see in Jesus name.

12.Vs 4; My Father, my Father, the HOUR of my career, business, destiny and ministry must come this year; announce me by fire.

13.Vs 3; Satan you are a liar, my WINE shall not finish. Lord, give me a fresh start, a new season in Jesus name.

14.Vs 3; O Lord, my wine – my season of celebration and congratulations, shall not elude me this year in Jesus name. I shall not quit.

15.Job 5:12; My Father, my Father, my Father, they cannot change my clock this year; clock robbers, die in Jesus name.

16.Vs 12; MY CLOCK CANNOT BE MANIPULATED; any plan to reverse the timing of my life to cause untimely death, scatter now  and backfire in Jesus name.

17.Vs 12; DELAY MERCHANTS, you cannot rob me of my season of  testimony; dry up, dry up and dry up.

18.Vs 12; O Lord, I cannot be deceived this year; satanic deception meant to rob me of my season of breakthrough, be disappointed  now in Jesus name.

19.Daniel 2:21; O God, change my times and season; reverse evil clocks manipulating my life by fire.

20.Vs 21; Father, accelerate my destiny through Your divine clock  and timing; faster results is my name this year in Jesus name.

21.Vs 21; My Father, my Father, change this ugly season in my life; break the yoke of stagnation by fire in Jesus name.

22.Vs 21; Jehovah the season Master, roll away this season of tears and pain and launch me into my season of laughter in Jesus  name.

23.Vs 21; My life must take a new leave this year, I cannot continue like this and it cannot be business as usual; O Lord, change my  season in Jesus name.

24.Vs 21; The status quo must break, this life of back and forth must give way; Lord, upturn my seasons by fire in Jesus name.

25.Ecclesiastes 3:1; Lord, my glorious season must set in this year; season robbers, your time is up, die, die, die, die and die in Jesus  name.

26.Vs 1; Every month of 2023 shall be my month of results that will cancel the bad seasons of insult in Jesus name (mention the 12  months of the year now).

27.Vs 1; I command the elements of nature – the sun, moon and  stars to offset every negative season around my life, family and  ministry and usher me into my season of success in Jesus name.

28.Vs 1; O God, THE CLOCK OF MY LIFE CANNOT BE  MANIPULATED; time wasters, your ministry is over this year, be  arrested now in Jesus name.

29.Vs 1; THE CLOCK OF MY LIFE must tick in my favor this year,  and open for me a new door of helpers that will move me forward  in Jesus name.

30.Vs 1; Father, my clock cannot be stopped; I scatter any plan to halt my clock thereby putting my destiny on hold now in Jesus  name.

31.Vs 1; O God, arise; my clock cannot be put on ANTI-CLOCK WISE;  my life cannot be reversed, CLOCK MANIPULATORS run mad in  Jesus name.

32.Isaiah 60:20; O Lord, my clock shall be up and running this year; I am not going down, I am rising and making progress in Jesus  name.

33.Vs 20; The Lord shall be my everlasting light in 2023; darkness shall reject my destiny in Jesus name.

34.Vs 20; This 2023, O Lord, shall be the obituary of sorrow, mourning 34. Vs 20; This 2023, O Lord, shall be the obituary of sorrow, mourning  is ended and dancing has come in Jesus name.

35.My Father, my Father, I shall not be stranded in 2023; open my  way and rescue my destiny from obscurity, my clock will not fail in  Jesus name.

36.O hand of God, overtake my seasons and reset my time. Open for me doors of opportunities that will cancel insults from my life  in Jesus name.

38.Matthew 11:12; Enough is enough; season robbers, restore my stolen seasons now and die, no negotiations in Jesus name.

39.Vs 12; I contend with any power or personality positioned to  manipulate my clock this year; miss my destiny address now in  Jesus name.

40.Vs 12; O God, they will not ask me “Where is your God?” This year, O Lord, disappoint and disgrace every season robber and clock manipulator in Jesus name.

41.Isaiah 40:26; My Father, my Father, my Father, this insult shall  not survive Your power this year (Mention that area of insult now  and command it to reverse by fire).

42.PRAY ABOUT THE 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR NOW! (Mention them and loose uncommon results now, that will insult your insults).  43. PRAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL WRITTEN EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS YEAR! Loose results/answers and instant miracles now!  Get ready! Something great is  about to happen!    EVIL CLOCKS ARE CATCHING FIRE! My DIVINE CLOCK CANNOT BE REVERSED OR MANIPULATED!  Jehovah is accelerating me on every side! I refuse to stay down this year; I am rising again. MY LIFE WILL NOT OPERATE ON REVERSE GEAR OR ANTI-CLOCK WISE. Jehovah the Season Master is on duty for me and He will order my seasons aright and  bring every opposition under my feet! Negative seasons shall pass over me and good seasons shall embrace me.

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SCRIPTURE BULLETS:  MARK 2:1-12; JOHN 11:38-45  

MARK 2:12 says: “And immediately he arose, took up the bed,  and went forth before them all; insomuch that they were all  amazed, and glorified God, saying, ‘We NEVER SAW IT in this fashion!”  I call it, “THE MIRACLE OF WE NEVER SAW IT IN THIS FASHION.”  Wow! It was a miracle that dumbfounded the enemies of Jesus. They  came to INSULT Him, but His RESULT (The miracles they SAW)  INSULTED them. In fact, they were embarrassed! HIS RESULT  DISGRACED THEIR INSULT

1. Father, I thank You for the grace to come this far in this fasting program.

  2. Lord, today shall be different; move like never before and revive my soul in Jesus name. 

3. Romans 8:28; Holy Spirit, I surrender to You; come and help my infirmities today, loose me from every weakness in Jesus name.

 4. Vs 26; I reject prayerlessness due to guilt and unforgiveness; Lord, give me a comeback today in Jesus name. 

5. Vs 26; Holy Spirit, overshadow my vulnerability and let nothing stand in the way of our fellowship today in Jesus name. 

6. Vs 26; Lord, guide my heart and my tongue to pray in  accordance to Your will in Jesus name.

 7. Vs 26; Holy Spirit, pray through my inner man, I shall not pray in  vain; result is imminent in Jesus name. 

8. Vs 27; Holy Spirit, intercede and supplicate through my spirit; give  me uncommon answers that will disgrace my insults in Jesus  name.

9. Father, decorate my life and ministry in 2023 with the miracle of  “WE NEVER SAW IT IN THIS FASHION” in Jesus name. 

10. The miracle of “WE NEVER SAW IT IN THIS FASHION,” I am  your candidate; overtake me now by fire in Jesus name. 

11. I loose divine intervention that will command results in my life  and ministry this January, February, March, April…in Jesus  name. 

12. Mark 2:3; O God, in this year 2023, give me friends and people  that will go all the way with me in my time of need; I shall not be  abandoned or stranded in Jesus name. 

13. Vs 4; O God, send me helpers in 2023 that will change my  condition; insult shall not be my portion in Jesus name. 

14. Vs 4; My Father, my Father, those that will be used to lift me in  business, career, ministry and financially, send them my way  this year in Jesus name. 

15. Vs 4; O Lord, take me to the ROOFTOP this year; uncover my  limitations and break every barrier erected against me now by  fire. 

16. Vs 4; The insult of hopelessness and helplessness, my results  shall disgrace you this year; scatter and backfire in Jesus name. 

17. Vs 7; Any power or personality positioned to question the work  of God in my life: disgrace and disappointment is your reward  daily in 2023, in Jesus name. 

18. Vs 12; “And immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went  forth before them all…” Oh! HE CARRIED THE BED THAT USED TO CARRY HIM, AND HE INSULTED HIS INSULT! O LORD, that shall be my portion this year in Jesus name. 

19. Vs 12; God of wonders, do a miracle that will disappoint my insults. I shall not be laughed at in Jesus name. 

20. Vs 12; I shall not be mocked in 2023, Lord, show up for me as  You did for this man in Jesus name. 

21. Vs 12; I shall not be put down by any situation, I shall be on top  of any situation by the grace of God in Jesus name. 

22. Vs 12; O God, my miracle shall dumbfound my mockers, and  bring glory to You in Jesus name. 

23. Miracle exchangers planning to exchange my miracle and testimony this year, you shall not prosper; dry up now by fire.

 24. John 10:10; Satanic roadblocks mounted against my divine visitation, your end has come; scatter, scatter and scatter now  in Jesus name.

25. Vs 10; Testimony robbers, your ministry is over in my life, I shall not pray and fast again without results; wither by fire in  Jesus name.

 26. Vs 10; O testimony blockers, block yourself and trouble yourself  this year; my name is untouchable in Jesus name. 

27. Vs 10; O Lord, more than enough in health, business, career  and ministry is my portion this year; the more abundantly  anointing is working for me in Jesus name. 

28. Vs 10; My Father, my Father, they will not see me where they  thought I should be; change my location by fire. 

29. Vs 10; O Lord, change my location; my results shall insult my  insults this January, February, March, April, May…in Jesus  name. 

30. John 11:39; Satan hear this: There is no stinking battle that my  God cannot handle this year. O stinking battle, expire now by  fire in Jesus name. 

31. Vs 39; God of all possibilities, change my status; I shall not  SINK with this STINKING battle in Jesus name. 

32. Vs 39; O God, out of this STINKING BATTLE shall come forth  “THE MIRACLE OF WE NEVER SAW IT IN THIS FASHION” in  Jesus name (mention that battle now). 

33. Vs 41; My Father, my Father, my Father, I roll away the stone  of unbelief, doubt and fear to my promotion, divine placement,  dancing and change of story now in Jesus name. 

34. Vs 43; LORD, do with my life and ministry what has not been  done before. Lord, make me Your showroom in Jesus name. 

35. Vs 43; God of Lazarus, announce Yourself through my life in 2023. Use my life to show that YOU NEVER FAIL in Jesus name. 

36. Vs 43; Abba Father, this year, I come out of shame, demotion,  rise and fall and constant failure; reject my destiny now in Jesus  name. 

37. Vs 43; LORD, I come out of this pain, broken heart, heartache, broken relationship and marital disappointment in Jesus name. 

38. Vs 43; I come out of delay, poverty, lack of progress and  stagnation now. Lord, settle me this year in Jesus name. 

39. Vs 43; O God, I come into my place of honor and dignity now. I take my place in life and ministry in Jesus name. 

40. Vs 43; I come forth into my prepared place and destiny throne;  I shall not miss my own and no man shall take my place in  Jesus name.

 41. VS 44; O Satan, in the name of Jesus, loose my joy, my peace,  my children, my marriage and my glorious destiny now by fire. 

42. Vs 44; I loose my job, career, business, finances etc, Lord, do  the undoable this year in Jesus name. 

43. Vs 45; O Lord, because of what You will do in my life, family  and ministry this year, those who know me shall believe in Your  name in Jesus name.

  44. Vs 45; Father, because of the demonstration of Your power in  my life, those who will hear it shall sing Your praise in Jesus name.

45. John 12:9; God of Lazarus, make my life and ministry the tourist  attraction of Your goodness, mercy and favor this January,  February, March, April… in Jesus name. 

46. LORD, take me from the QUEUE OF LIFE this year! Take me from BACK to FRONT; from under to top (Pray it seriously). 

47. Isaiah 40:26; My Father, my Father, my Father, this insult shall  not survive Your power this year (Mention that area of insult  now and command it to reverse by fire). 

48. PRAY ABOUT THE 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR NOW! (mention them and loose uncommon results now that will insult your  insults). 

49. PRAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL WRITTEN EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS YEAR! Loose results, answers and instant miracles


Lift up your voice now and shout aloud 7 times now: “LORD, SEND THE JOYFUL SOUND THIS YEAR.” January, 2023.  You shall be divinely selected from the crowd and located for good! It shall be your own service of results, JOYFUL NOISE ANOINTING, visitations  and interventions in Jesus name! Amen and amen! Pray seriously now!

 1. Start by worshipping the LORD now! Take any song of praise and worship as led now.

 2. Psalm 136:1; Thank You Lord, for Your great mercy that is at work in me in this service. 

3. Vs 1; Lord, Your mercy will rewrite my story today as I wait on  You in Jesus name.

 4. Philippians 4:6; Father, as I seek Your face in prayer today, let  anxiety be arrested and crushed from me in Jesus name.

 5. Vs 6; O God, as I present my request to You, let it receive  speedy attention by fire.

 6. HELL HAS ONLY ONE DOOR! ENTRY – NO EXIT! O God, I  refuse to fast in vain this year; let Your mercy speak for me a  new beginning in Jesus name.

 7. Vs 22; O mercy of God, insult and disgrace every insult in my  life and ministry in Jesus name.

 8. Vs 22; O God, let Your mercy provoke my SUPER RESULT STORY this year in Jesus name.

 9. O spirit of holiness, possess my soul and deliver me from the  insult of sin in Jesus name. 

10. Vs 7; O peace of God, flood my heart today and arrest every unrest in my heart in Jesus name. 

  11. Lord, I sanctify my heart and this environment with the Blood of  Jesus; reign supreme over every power in Jesus name.

 12. Lord, let the holy fire of Your presence consume me today and  burn off whatever is contrary to Your will in Jesus name. 

13. I command every opposing power and demonic stronghold around this territory to bow now and break in Jesus name. 

14. I decree mightily now: All SATANIC JOYFUL NOISE  KILLERS, what are you waiting for? Dry up and die now in Jesus  name. 

15. Father, THERE SHALL BE A DISTURBING SOUND (NOISE) OF  JOY THIS YEAR! Do the unthinkable in my life, family and ministry in Jesus name. 

16. I decree: THERE SHALL BE A DISTURBING NOISE OF RESULTS THIS YEAR! Yea! NOISE OF JOY! NOISE OF DANCING AND CONGRATULATIONS! Lord, let my results and success give  my mockers sleepless nights in Jesus name. 

17. Abba Father, no situation, circumstance and battle shall rob me  of my joy season in 2023; they shall become my JOY LADDERS  in Jesus name.

 18. Psalm 30:5; O Lord, THIS 2023 is my season, morning and new  dawn of joy of restoration and favor. I shall not be downcast in Jesus name. 

19. Vs 5; Lord, THIS 2023, shall become the burial ground of tears,  sorrow and weeping. Whatever is supposed to cause me pain  shall pass over me by fire in Jesus name. 

20. Vs 5; I am moving from my night season of INSULT to my morning  season of RESULT, from downward trend to upward trend and  from backwardness to forwardness in Jesus name. 

21. Psalm 89:15; LORD, SEND HOLY SOUND/NOISE THIS YEAR!  Let every invisible wall erected against my breakthrough break and scatter now by fire.

 22. Vs 15; LORD, RAIN on my life, family and ministry, a very  LOUD, JOYFUL NOISE/SOUND THIS YEAR! Disappoint the expectations of my mockers this January, February, March,  April…(mention the 12 months of the year now). 

23. Vs 15; O Lord, send the sound in 2023 that will scatter the ears of any power and personality trying to know the secret of my  success by fire. 

24. Vs 15; Lord, I shall know the joyful sound in 2023, upturn this ugly situation now by fire (mention it now); scatter in Jesus name.

 25. Vs 15; Father, I shall know the joyful sound this year, O Lord,  reverse this evil trend and decorate me with joy in Jesus name. 

26. Vs 15; Lord, I shall hear a joyful sound this year, my laughter  season is hear; laughter shall be my name in Jesus name. 

27. Vs 15; Father, let the light of Your countenance shine upon the  work of my hands; there shall be great harvest of results in  Jesus name. 

28. Hebrews 12:29; O God, show up in the fire of Your countenance  and consume every stubborn battle this year in Jesus name. 

29. Vs 29; Fire of God, burn any situation and enemy that has  vowed to steal my joy in 2023 in Jesus name. 

30.Vs 15; O consuming fire, consume and dry up any sickness in my body; this health battle shall not consume me this year in  Jesus name. 

31. Vs 29; My Father, my Father, let Your consuming fire answer  my foundation this year by fire in Jesus name. 

32. Psalm 113:9; O Lord, in this year 2023, keep my house, marriage  and family in peace and in safety; joyful noise is our portion in  Jesus name. 

33. Vs 9; I receive the grace, ability and capacity to keep my home  this year and beyond; I loose joyful noise of achievements and  breakthroughs in Jesus name. 

34. Vs 9; Lord, make me a joyful mother of children this year; break the siege of barrenness over my marital destiny in Jesus name.

 35. Vs 9; There shall be joyful noise of celebration of the fruit of the  womb; my joy shall not elude me in Jesus name. 

36. O Lord, I scatter every plan to rob or deny me of the joy of  motherhood; backfire now in Jesus name. 

37. Vs 9; You powers mandated to attack the glorious destinies of  my children thereby attacking my joy, dry up and wither in Jesus  name. 

38. Psalm 51:11; Satan you are a liar, you cannot take my song this  year and you cannot change my music from playing; be  disappointed in Jesus name. 

39. Vs 11; My head and destiny shall be decorated with everlasting  joy and the sound of joy shall be heard concerning my life and  ministry in Jesus name. 

40. Vs11; I shall obtain gladness and joy this year; sorrow and mourning shall flee away from my path in Jesus name. 

41. O good news that will awaken my joy sound, what are you waiting for? Fall on my life, family and ministry now in Jesus name. 

42. O angels carrying my joy sound, visit my household this January, February, March, April, May…, cancel every insult by fire in  Jesus name. 

43. Psalm 68:1: O God arise, scatter any power and those who are working hard to insult Your power and grace in my life and  ministry this year in Jesus name. 

44. Vs 1; O God, arise and scatter the demonic joy of my haters in 2023; turn them into chaff and insult their wisdom now in Jesus  name. 

45. Vs 1; You powers invoking my past in order to rubbish my present joyful noise and moment, die, die, die and die by fire in Jesus  name. 

46. 1 Kings 18:38; Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in  the trench.” O Lord, answer me by fire in this fasting program; let my altar radiate Your power and overturn things in my favor in Jesus name. 

47. Vs 38; O God, answer every INSULT in my life by fire and let Your fire produce RESULTS this year that will shut every lie of  the devil. 

48. Vs 38; Lord, by the order of Elijah, let Your fire fall on every enemy of my evidence in this fasting programme in Jesus name.

 49. Vs 38; Father, answer my battles by fire this year; no battle shall consume me in Jesus name. 

50. Isaiah 40:26; My Father, my Father, my Father, this insult shall not survive Your power this year (Mention that area of insult  now) and command it to reverse by fire.

 51. I decree that any DEMONIC NOISE programmed into this year; CATCH FIRE! CATCH FIRE!! CATCH FIRE in Jesus name. 

52. I decree that any STRANGE NOISE programmed into this year; CATCH FIRE! CATCH FIRE!! CATCH FIRE in Jesus name. 

53. I decree that any NOISE not planted by my FATHER GOD; CATCH  FIRE! CATCH FIRE!! CATCH FIRE in Jesus name. 

54. I reject the NOISE or SOUND of weeping, shame, regrets, losses,  etc, in Jesus name.

55. PRAY ABOUT THE 12 MONTHS OF THE YEAR NOW! (Mention them and loose uncommon results now that will insult your insults). 

56. PRAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL WRITTEN EXPECTATIONS  FOR THIS YEAR! Loose results, answers and instant miracles  now!